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Neural Analytics offers a non-invasive solution for measuring intracranial pressure (ICP), a critical physiologic parameter that currently requires a neurosurgeon to drill a hole into the patient’s skull. Our device, RapidICP, has a patented method to noninvasively measure ICP using a portable, inexpensive ultrasound device that can be used by a trained technician.
No clinically accepted medical device exists for noninvasive ICP assessment. As a consequence, the practice of ICP assessment has been limited to brain injury patients in neurocritical care units. Intracranial Hypertension (increased ICP) is a life-threatening condition in severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), and it has been shown that ICP monitoring significantly reduces mortality rates in this patient population. There are approximately 300,000 severe TBI annually in the US, resulting in over 50,000 deaths; however, 40% of these patients do not receive the recommended monitoring as the cost and expertise required for ICP monitor placement is a substantial barrier for many rural hospitals. Although there is an obvious unmet need, previous attempts have failed to produce a clinically accepted device. With ten years of academic development our group has developed a promising new algorithm to expand the use of the well-established ultrasound technique to noninvasively diagnose IH.

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